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Beautiful and well-maintained teeth always help make a good first impression. That is why our Dental Implantology Center offers all the options necessary to rid you of any dental problems you may have (dental implants, jaw ridge modification, etc.).

Our clinic is the only one in Hamburg to use the Volume Tomograph DVT 9000. This technology makes it possible to take a 3D computerized tomography of the patient’s jaw and bite. Using this tomography, we can determine exactly where the nerves are and take detailed measurements of the jaw.

Many dentists refer their patients to us for a pre-surgical diagnostic. The detailed analysis provides the dentist with exact data for further treatment.

The Dental Implantology Center, lead by oral and maxillofacial specialists Prof. (CIS) MD. (CIS) George Khoury is equipped with the most modern facilities and equipment, offers everything necessary for painless and successful dental treatment that makes your smile beautiful. All operations are performed by the head doctors personally. The friendly and warm ambience found in the ESTETICA CLINIC gives even the most fearful of patients a good feeling and assurance. All procedures can be performed under general anesthesia if desired.

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