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Excessive Sweating Treatment

Many suffer from excessive sweating that cannot be treated by antiperspirants. Whether on the job or in everyday life excessive sweating is uncomfortable and can lead to a considerable loss of self-esteem, social problems and embarrassment.

In this case there are two possible ways to reduce sweat production.

An injection of botulism toxin effectively limits the function of the sweat glands reducing sweat production.

Complete removal of the glands themselves is the second and most effective and permanent method. By removing the glands we give our patients a new attitude towards life.

In this procedure sweat glands are thoroughly extracted from the underarms using a needle-sized cannula under local anesthetic. This leaves two miniscule and usually invisible scars.

Extraction usually takes a half an hour per side. The entire operation is done under local anesthesia so that the patient experiences no pain. A small suture is placed on the spot where the cannula was inserted and a bandage is placed in the armpit which is to be worn for about a week.

The results are permanent and there are no risks to the body through the loss of the glands because the body has a multitude of glands in other areas to compensate. A noticeable increase in sweat production in other areas has never been reported.

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