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The Clinic

We are equipped with the highest quality medical technology available. Our operating rooms are equipped with the laminar airflow technology guaranteeing a sterile environment and assurance. ESTETICA also offers inpatient accommodation. We have four stylish and fully air conditioned rooms with a view overlooking the beautiful courtyard. Round the clock service and care is provided for your comfort after your operation.

The ESTETICA CLINIC surgical team is composed of renowned specialists with many years of experience. ESTETICA CLINIC means the most modern in cosmetic plastic surgery. They have unified all fields of beauty under one roof. From dental implantology and eye laser surgery using the LASIK-method to holistic cosmetic surgery and after-care. In addition to these various services, the clinic also includes the Beauty-Lounge.

Demand on leading physicians to work in some of the most specialized fields does not only mean constant further and advanced education and training but also sharing that knowledge with others. This is why seminar space has been integrated into the clinic. It is regularly used for recitations as well as information evenings. Constant further and advanced education and training is standard practice for our entire team. Your beauty is worth it.

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Clinic im Spitaler Hof
Kurze Muehren 1
20095 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 - 40 18 58 58
Fax.: +49 40 - 40 18 58 57


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