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Young And Fresh Facelift

A new lift procedure designed for younger patients

We live in a service oriented and consumerist society. We work a lot. Private life is limited to the evening and night hours. This lifestyle takes its toll on our bodies. The skin on the neck and face wrinkles and sags sooner as a result.

The ESTETICA CLINIC im Spitaler Hof has recognnized this need and now offers a new minimally invasive lifting procedure designed for patients between 35 and 50 years of age. The Young & Fresh Facelift, as we call it, is based on the so-called SMAS technique.

Unlike traditional techniques that leave a scar around the ear, an s-shaped incision is made on the inside of the ear during a Young & Fresh Facelift. Scarring is hidden inside the ear. Excess skin is removed and the fatty tissue under the skin as well as the skin itself is tightened. Tightening multiple layers of skin leaves the individual’s natural expression unaffected. The jaw line can be harmonized and the nasolabial fold smoothed out using only a minimal number of incisions.

“Our patients are absolutely astonished by our new techniques“ Prof. (CIS) MD. (CIS) George Khoury, managing director of the ESTETICA CLINIC im Spitaler Hof and facial surgery specialist. «The Young & Fresh Facelift can make the patient look five to seven years younger with minimal scarring. Scarring is hidden in the inside of the ear so it isn’t visible. Patients feel younger because they look younger and fresher.»

The Young & Fresh Facelift is performed under local anesthetic. The procedure takes two to three hours. The patient is «presentable» after only 6 to 8 days as apposed to the time necessary after conventional procedures.

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