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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasy)

Drooping eyelids and enlarged tear sacks are a sign of excessive or inelastic skin or muscle or protuberant fat in the eyelids (tear sacks).

Drooping eyelids (slipped eyelids) can limit the field of vision in exreme cases. The enlarged tear sacks impart a puffy, tired appearance.

It is here that adjustments must be made to cater to the specific situation. The primary goal is to create a beautiful and optimal appearance which means leaving no sign that an operation has ever been done.

A strip of skin is removed from the upper or lower lids respectively in order to tighten the sagging tissue. Exessive skin in the upper and lower lids as well as tear sacks are removed.

This is a simple operation easily handled using local anesthesia. For 24 hours following the operation we recommend the patient wear a patch and keep the area on ice to avoid a hematoma. Stitches are removed about six to seven days later. Reddening of the area should dissappear within a month. Women can use make-up to camouflage these areas. Scarring is no longer visible after three to six months.

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