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LPG Treatment

Endermology is an effective way to treat connective tissue problems like cellulite, fat deposits or saggy skin. Originally developed for medical therapy for scarring and edema, the relaxing treatment is now even used to treat muscle tension and back problems. The common cosmetic use is to treat cellulite. Using the LPG unit, subcutaneous connective tissue is reached and mobilized helping reduce the denting caused by cellulite.

LPG technology works on the principle of three dimensional skin manipulations. The head consists of a computer controlled sealed vacuum chamber that adjusts suction throughout the procedure. The head is passed over the skin rolling and folding the skin in various ways depending on the treatment desired. Treatment can be gentle and work the only the surface of the skin or it can penetrate the smooth connective tissue all the way to the muscle. The goal is a substantial and efficient massage fit for anyone and any tissue structure.

One session takes 35 minutes. 10 to 15 sessions are recommended for visible results after which a monthly session should be arranged to maintain results.

A body suit is worn during treatment so that no body hair is pulled out. The treatment is painless and actually quite relaxing. Endermology increases blood and lymph flow naturally and activates the metabolism of fat. By stimulating fibroblasts, cells that build connective tissue, collagen and elastin production increases. Natural skin reorganization results. The skin is supple, vigorous and tight again. Please contact us directly or use our easy-to-use online form for more information and a price list.

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