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Infoline: 08001 – 90 60 90

The team

Das Chirurgen-Team der ESTETICA CLINIC besteht aus renommierten Spezialisten mit langjähriger Erfahrung. Als Synonym für modernste ästhetisch-plastische Chirurgie vereint die ESTETICA CLINIC alle Bereiche der Schönheit unter ihrem Dach.

The clinic

We are equipped with the highest quality medical technology available. Our operating rooms are equipped with the laminar airflow technology guaranteeing a sterile environment and assurance.


ESTETICA Clinic GmbH – im Spitaler Hof
Kurze Muehren 1
20095 Hamburg
Phone : +49 40 – 40 18 58 58

Breast Enlargement

What is breast augmentation?

In a breast augmentation procedure the size, mass and height of the breasts are increased.

What happens in an initial consultation?

The patient and the doctor discuss the problems and wishes of the patient. The treatment options are then discussed.


Excessive Sweating Treatment

Many suffer from excessive sweating that cannot be treated by antiperspirants. Whether on the job or in everyday life excessive sweating is uncomfortable and can lead to a considerable loss of self-esteem, social problems and embarrassment.

In this case there are two possible ways to reduce sweat production.

An injection of botulism toxin effectively limits the function of the sweat glands reducing sweat production.

Tummy Tuck

What is a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is an operation to remove excess skin especially from the lower abdomen that has accumulated over time and has lengthened the navel. This skin no longer adapts to or fits with the inner tissue. This is usually caused by pregnancy or extreme weight loss whether through liposuction etc. By removing excess skin from the bikini line area the remaining skin can be tightened.

Fettreduktion mit Coolsculpting®

Dieses Verfahren ist neu, sehr effektiv und bietet die Möglichkeit Fett zu verlieren ohne jeglichen operativen Eingriff! Nicht jedes Kryolipolyse Verfahren ist gleichermaßen erfolgreich. Das Coolsculptingsystem ® von Zeltiq erzielt eine wissenschaftlich nachgewiesene Reduktion des Fettgewebes.


Lifting auf die sanfte Tour – Das Thermalift-Verfahren wird mit dem ThermaCool-System durchgeführt. Dieses System dient zur Abgabe von Radiofrequenz-Energie bis zu 5 mm in die Hautschichten und das darunter liegende Gewebe.

Ratenzahlung möglich!

Wir bieten unseren Patienten ab sofort die Möglichkeit, das vereinbarte Behandlungshonorar in bequemen und für Sie finanziell möglichen Monatsraten, zu bezahlen.

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See everyday life, leisure time, and your family as though you had new eyes with the help of laser based vision correction. You too can benefit from the painless LASIK-method, the most modern technique for correcting, near- and farsightedness as well as astigmatism.


Hair loss due to heredity or hormone changes used to be uncureable. Now it can be easily treated with hair transplantation, an uncomplicated procedure that guarantees asthetically pleasing results. Hair loss is still a sensitive subject for its sufferers despite modern advancements in treatment. It calls for professional and serious consulting and treatment.


Clinic im Spitaler Hof
Kurze Muehren 1
20095 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 – 40 18 58 58
Fax.: +49 40 – 40 18 58 57