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Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal using the Pulse Light Technique

Permanent hair removal means skin without stubble; flawless and hairfree legs, face, chest, and back; no infected ingrown hairs; no inflammation and ingrown hairs near the bikini line. Never shave, epilate or wax again. This treatment is meant for all men and women who have a cosmetic problem with body or facial hair. The new Pulsed-Light treatment is more effective than previous pulse and most laser techniques. Unwanted or bothersome hair in any area of the body can be permanently removed using this technique. Hair follicles and the cells responsible for hair growth are disabled with a special light pulse without the risks involved in other systems. Darker skin types up to type VI as well as tanned skin can be treated using this further developed, patented technique,

Comfortable and Gentle Treatment

Anyone who has ever experienced the pain of a waxing, epilation, or laser treatment will appreciate our PL-System. The side-effects left behind by this treatment are considerably more gentle than the afore mentioned methods. Only a light pinch is felt signaling the successfully placed light pulse allowing a larger area to be treated without complication.

How often and at what Intervals must treatment be done?
There are three phases to hair growth: actively growing, trasitional, and resting. Only hair in the actively growing phase can be treated using this method. This can also vary depending on the area to be treated as the growing phase varies with each. The face is treated on a four to six week cycle. The armpits and bikini line are treated on an eight to twelve week cycle. The legs are treated every four to six months.

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