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Hair loss due to heredity or hormone changes used to be uncureable. Now it can be easily treated with hair transplantation, an uncomplicated procedure that guarantees asthetically pleasing results. Hair loss is still a sensitive subject for its sufferers despite modern advancements in treatment. It calls for professional and serious consulting and treatment.

Hair transplantation ist suited for people who want to refill bald patches. The hair needs a minimal length of 2-3 cm.

The consultation and procedure take 2-4 hours together.

Under local anaesthetic, a small patch of skin with several roots of hairs ist taken from the head. After that, the single „grafts“ are prepared and put into small openings in the skin. The transplants stay in their new places and grow into the skin.

After 12 weeks, the new hair from the transplanted roots begins to grow.

More information about hair transplants available at www.hairdoc.de.

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