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Reasons to have a gynacological operation

The primary reason for such an operation is usually concrete bodily discomfort usually caused by pronounced enlargement of the labia due to genetics or age. Implications of which are pain and irritation resulting from activities such as riding a bike or sexual intercourse.

Psychological implications are at least as severe as the physical ones though they may not involve any immediate physical suffering. A labia that does not fit the ideal image or subjectively is not found to be as asthetically pleasing may lead to extreme psychological stress. Sufferers may avoid being seen naked by others out of shame. This may begin by not visiting saunas, an otherwise pleasant experience, in order to avoid embarrassment. It can even lead to a total abstinence from intercourse.

There are many gynecological procedures motivated by asthetically concerns besides those that are medical and psychological. Long labia minora, bulging labia majora, or a conspicuous mons pubis.

No matter which one of the mentioned motivations is at the root of the problem, all patients require consultation to weigh the physical and psychological gains to the possible risks to see if surgery is indeed the right solution.

It must be said that there is no such thing as an ideal when it comes to the gynecological region of a women. Every procedure we undertake, which in most cases is a form cosmetic intervention, is oriented towards the individual’s personal beauty.

We only recommend gynecological surgery that helps the individual to actualize what they have in mind but never beyond medical reason.

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