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About the labia

The labia protects the vagina by closing it off preventing inflammation and keeping it from drying out. The labia is differentiated into two different parts, the smaller inner labia (labia minora pudendi) and the larger outer labia (labia majora pudendi).The labia majora generally cover the labia minora.

Sometimes the labia minora are oversized and protrude from the labia majora. The labia majora itself can have an above average volume.

This can lead to difficulties during certain athletic activities such as horseback riding or bike riding. In extreme cases this can also lead to problems during sexual intercourse. Women can also feel ashamed because they feel their labia is unattractive.

Of course, no correction is to be made without first being sure that the operation will have no adverse effects on natural function. This is prior to any esthetic principle.

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